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We are ROCHUS Kunovice (CZ) – a dumpling expert. We’ve been making dumplings for three decades. We follow traditional recipes, used by the best cooks in Moravia for centuries.

Rochus in Numbers

30+years in the market

Our company has been working successfully since 1990.

1,500tons of dumplings

We think big and do it big. We produce more than 1,500 tons of dumplings a year.


Our team is continuously growing – currently we have 70 staff members.

9types of dumplings

Both sweet and salt. You will find 9 types of dumplings in our offer.

250tons of fruit

We process up to 250 tons of fruits of the highest quality every year.

Why Dumplings?

Dumplings are favourite not only in the Czech market, but also for example in Austria. The town of Kunovice is located near the Austrian border, and over 95% of our frozen products end up in the Austrian market.

Scope of Activities

Our core business is to manufacture frozen foodstuffs. This means namely dumplings from cottage cheese, potato and raised dough, side-dish dumplings and pierogi. What’s our special thing? Well, definitely the cottage cheese dumplings with a whole apricot or plum, hiding a sugar cube.


Our company was established in Kunovice near Uherské Hradiště in 1990. At the beginning it was owned by ROCHUS a. s. Bratislava. Austrian brand Transmerkur, part of Landena KG corporation, acquired half of the company shares in the mid-1990s. It’s been our 100% owner since 2017.

Story of Dumplings

Dumplings are the pride and joy of Czech, Austrian and Bavarian cuisine. Yet they are made a bit differently in each of those regions. While the Austrians and the Germans swear by the round dumplings and fluffy gnocchi, typical Czech dumpling has a cylindrical shape, with added pieces of bakery products, it is sliced, and mostly served as a side dish.

The dumplings can have both sweet and salty taste. Those made from cottage cheese and raised dough are perfect with seasonal fruits, while the potato ones are ideally stuffed with meat. And there is no traditional Czech sauce or pork with sauerkraut without bread dumplings.

What is your most favourite dumpling?

Our Specialities

We always rely on high quality of the raw materials and traditional recipes. This is because we believe that an honest approach to the craft is clearly reflected in the taste. What is our current offer?

Raised dough

We fill our raised dough dumplings with a mixture of fruits or plum jam. They go nicely with a cream, poppy seeds, breadcrumbs or cinnamon.

Raised dough dumplings with plum jam

50 g, 120 g, 125 g, 150 g, 170 g

Raised dough dumplings with blueberry filling

50 g, 60 g, 170 g

Raised dough dumplings with strawberry filling

50 g

Raised dough dumplings with apricot filling

50 g

Potato dough

Dumplings do needn’t be only sweet. We recommend you to serve those filled with meat with sauerkraut and crispy fried onions.

Potato dough dumplings with meaty filling

50 g

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Billing address:

Kuřata Siman s.r.o.
Husinecká 903/10, Žižkov
130 00 Praha 3
CIN: 02357615

Correspondence and delivery address:

Kuřata Siman s.r.o.
provoz ROCHUS
Na Záhonech 1482
686 04 Kunovice

+420 572 549 291

The company is registered in the Commercial
Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 218674

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